Be Ready!!

These are two recent prophecies that I thought I would share.

There is to be a burning away but the flames will be preparing seeds for the rain! The rainfall will come! Rain on rain and it will water the seed! The seed because of the burning will grow quickly! Putting down roots in soil that has also seen burning but which is so fertile that the root grows deeply and develops foundation allowing the new shoots to develop! Shoots and shoots! Quick growth! Strong growth! A plentiful harvest! The burning was important! Allow God to burn away the old growth for the new to come!


I look to the hills from where comes my help! My help comes from the Lord! But the mountains have been moved, they have been razed to the ground! The entry for the Lord has been made ready! The angels have been working. The way is prepared!!! The Highway from Heaven is made! A Freeway with no lanes! Ready for the King of Heaven and Heaven’s Armies to match down!

I look to the hills and they are replaced by the freeway of God! Heaven is on the move! He is on the move!

We can hear the shouts! The shouts have been obscured by the mountains but no longer! The Shout of Heaven Roars out! The Shout of Heaven Roars out! The Shout of Heaven Roars out! The King is riding! The King is riding! He is on His charger! (Seven eyes and seven horns) A flaming sword in His hand! A crown of fire on His Head! Fire burns in His eyes! Flames of truth burn from His mouth!

The King of Glory comes! Hail to the King of Glory! The Lord Full of Glory! The Lord in All His Glory! Glory to You Lord King of Glory! Glory, Laud and Honour to you!

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