My Child

You are loved My child, you are so loved. I look at you with eyes that see My Son, My Jesus! You are placed in Him and I see only Him when I look at you. There is no stain in you, only His Glory. You dwell in my Son’s Glory. Oh My dear, dear child, why do you keep looking back? What has been has been. There is nothing for you in the past. I live in your now and in your future. Rest in the now! Will you rest in me, My child? Will you allow me to lay you down in the most beautiful of places, so that I can show you how much I love you. Let me show you. Just let me show you!

My Dear child, how beautiful you are when you rest. How peaceful and untroubled you look. Remember that I have taken your worries and pain and they were nailed to a cross in My Dear, Dear Son,father Jesus. Just let the sorrow flow out of you and let Me replace it with My joy. My joy renews you. My joy gives you strength. My joy allows you to fly, to rise up on wings of eagles and soar to the high places. Rest in me and receive my joy.

Listen for My voice, give Me permission to speak to you at any time. You are My precious lamb and My sheep hear My voice. Let Me sing to you as you rest. Let My voice sooth your heart. Let Me do it. Don’t look for other ways to find peace because My peace lasts and is eternal. I bring peace that is beyond comprehension. As you lie in my rest, let My peace flow through you like a warm breeze. Let the breeze blow out your anxieties.

Come to me my child, come to me and you will findfather1 me. Come to me I am not hidden. I am your Extravagant Father with only good things for you. I have everything that you need. No one else can do that for you. Come to me and I will protect you, nestle in and you will feel My arms around you. Oh My Dear Child My love for you is deep, I long for you to take it all in and to know that you are secure in Me.

You are so much part of Me, My dear one, My Life flows through you. It is My breath that is in you. My Holy Spirit is right there with you. He is in you. Allow Him to speak to you at any time. He is so much fun. He brings laughter. He turns your ashes into beauty. Do you know how He does it? It isn’t a secret. He allows you to see yourself as I do. I only see your beauty and so the ashes just disappear and you see yourself as the beautiful being I created you to be. You are not a mistake. Laugh at the fact that you thought you were a mistake. I have never made a mistake and I never will. You are chosen by me. I saw you and knew you before I created the world. Hahaha! As if I would make a mistake!Remember I see you as I see Jesus because you are in Him. I love you as much as I love Him. Do you hear that. I will repeat it because you need to allow me to write it in your heart. I love you as much as I love Him! I love you as much as I love Him! I love you as much as I love Him!

Oh, My child know that if I see Jesus and not you, I cannot see your sin or mistakes, they are long dead and gone, I only see what I can put into your life to help you in your walk with Me. I am your Father, you lack for nothing in Me! Hahaha! Did you hear that…. You lack for nothing in Me!  You lack for nothing in Me!  You have everything you need.

Remember! Rest in Me! Rest in Me! Rest in Me! Rest in Me! Recognise My voice. Lean into Me and let me love you! Allow My peace and joy to flood over you, in your rest. I love you as much as I love Jesus and no matter how much you do or how little you do, I cannot love you more.


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